Saturday, October 13, 2007

New Hills

I went for my ride today, down the Joe's River Road and across a double alphabetical county road. There's another county road, single alphabetical, that takes off from from the double alphabetical one, but I'd never ridden it because it looked rough or under construction. Today, though, it looked beautifully newly paved, so off I went.

It started off easily enough, a slight slope up, barely noticable. Then the slope got noticable, and I could see the road rise higher, a long, not too steep slope, up the side of a hill. I rode up, getting to that creeping speed where a good jogger would pass me easily, and went around the curve, then up some more. Finally, another curve and I'd made it up, had a slight rest, and then a steep but encouragingly short uphill. Single alphabet county road was about a perfect challenge level for me, tough, but do-able, with fun, rolly downhills, not much traffic.

I just felt great. I was going slowly, sure, but I kept going. Up, up, then down and around, and up some more. I didn't turn around until the newly paved part had run out.

I rode just short of 30 miles, not too fast, but it was great coming down those hills!

My legs are tired now. And they feel great.


  1. That sounds great. It's hard to resist a newly-paved road, isn't it?

  2. Dorothy, It was so smooth! My tires were so quiet and smooth :)