Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Losing What Little was Left

I've been having this weird hallucinatory thing lately, only in one area of the house (not the kitchen). I keep smelling really good buttered toast. Think of really good buttered toast, the warm perfection of the bread with butter melting into the little air pockets, browned, but not the least burnt. Toast begging for some peanut butter or jam.

However, I rarely eat bread, and probably haven't had bread in the house for over a month. My toaster (which lives in a cupboard unless there's bread in the house) is reasonably clean and doesn't smell like toast (yes, I checked).

So, unless someone is breaking into my house and making toast in the sunroom while I'm away, I have no explanation. But it's driving me batty! Usually it hits me about 10pm, the wafting smell of toast, setting my mouth to watering. But, of course, I don't have bread in the house or I'd make toast.

In better news, I finished my grading. My students did well on that poetry essay, mostly, with lots of good specific examples and such.

My bike still hasn't arrived, and the weather forecast says a couple days of nasty rain are headed our way.

I may have to stop at the store and get some bread...


  1. Are your windows open? I bet you have a neighbor who makes him/herself a bedtime snack of toast every night.

  2. So sorry to hear about the bike delay. I'm still under the weather and thus my bike is still feeling neglected.

    I have a similar toast-bread thing --- though I know where my smell comes from. On edge of the bay that we train on for rowing is a commercial bakery and Sunday mornings, when we're out for our long row, we'll be coming around one part of the bay and BAM it's like you've come up against a brick wall of bread baking goodness. It's the worst because you're tired and hungry (it's the end of your workout) and breathing deeply, which you need to be doing at that point in the workout, and your lungs just fill with that intoxicating smell. I eat a lot of toast on Sundays.

  3. I use a hair styling cream that smells like garlic bread--No Joke! Every morning before breakfast I suddenly want a pound of spaghetti. Bad roaringgrrl!

  4. Coffee-Drinking Woman, Nope, I don't think it's open windows. Whoever designed this house was an idiot about windows. They all open to the side, so the least bit of rain and the house is sopping! I wish the'd put in at least a few double hung!

    Amanda, Oh, that must be torture! But fresh baked bread is just so good. How's your cold coming along?

    Roaringgrrl, LOL, I imagine your colleagues smell you coming and thing about spaghetti, too!