Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What Summer Should Be

It's about 8:30 am on Wednesday, and I have an important decision to make.

Play bike, or no, or wait?

My bike playing pal doesn't feel great this morning, so she's a no go. Which gives me an excuse to be totally lazy.

On the other hand, I love my bike. (And then there's the whole exercise/weight part.)

And it's not too warm out so far, but it's going to be hot today. And then it will maybe rain.

Now I could wait til this afternoon, and brave the rain, because I usually ride with a Wednesday afternoon women's group, and it's a lot of fun. But if it rains, I'll be too lazy. And if it's too hot, maybe I'll be too lazy.

Back to bed is sounding sort of good. Or I could go weed another section of garden. It really needs it.

And there are about 30 books I need to read, and soon.

See, this is what summer is supposed to be!

+++++ Bonus Material Added! +++++

I went for a ride and took my little camera along to entertain myself.

Here's a barn I really like. It's round. Well, the back one is round; the other is a more traditional squarish shape, though disproportionally tall compared to many barns. The house is off to the right, and also plenty picturesque, but it was garbage pick-up day, and that wasn't picturesque, alas.

Here's County HH. You can see the traffic's a bit heavy this time of the day for around here.

I stopped at the store after my ride and got some diet tonic water. Tonic water is one of the best things on a really hot day. It's better with gin, but pretty darned good all by itself, too. (Even though it's after 5pm somewhere, I do actually want to get some work done today.)

This one's County W. It doesn't look like much, but it's a hill when I'm on a bike. The only good thing about the hill is that when I come back, I get to go down, and as you can see, there's not much traffic, and no cross-traffic, and it's pretty darned straight and nicely paved.

One of my friends says that riding bikes with me, it's clear that I don't have a kid. But I have been voted most likely to need to be scraped up off the pavement at the bottom of a hill.


  1. Oh, I'd go back to bed. It's vacation, for which you are not paid!

  2. Short ride to assuage the guilt, then read read read